Supervised Access Programs

What is Supervised Access and Visitation Exchange?

When parents separate, access visits with children may be a problem. Sometimes, difficulties arise at the time of the exchange of the child between the parents, guardians or relatives. Other times, there may be concerns about the visits themselves.

Supervised Access and Visitation Exchange services offer separated families a way to deal with some of these problems by providing safe and secure settings where visits and exchanges can take place under the supervision of trained staff and volunteers.

Supervised Access Visitation & Exchange Program of Huron Perth Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.

Supervised Access and Visitation Exchange services in Huron and Perth Counties are provided by the Supervised Access Program (SAP) Huron-Perth – in several locations. Supervised Access and Visitation Exchange programs are funded by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.

  • there are concerns about the safety of the child and/or the parent;
  • the non-custodial parent has a drug or alcohol problem or a psychiatric disability;
  • there has been a lengthy separation between the parent and child; or
  • there is a risk of an abduction.